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Construction Services & Materials Testing

Foundation and earthwork construction is characterized by the presence of a calculated risk that soil and groundwater conditions have been fully revealed by the original foundation investigation. This risk derives from the practical necessity of basing interpretations and design conclusions on a limited sampling of the earth. The services of Grubbs, Hoskyn, Barton & Wyatt, Inc. extend into the construction phase of projects to aid in minimizing such risks.

By observing various phases of excavation and foundation construction, our field representative is able to recognize both the expected and unexpected variations in subsurface conditions, to interpret their significance, and to make prompt recommendations for action when needed.

Other construction services provided by Grubbs, Hoskyn, Barton & Wyatt, Inc. include advice and assistance in the selection of fill materials; quality control of compacted fills; inspection during construction of pile, piers, mat, and footing foundations; quality control and testing of concrete, structural steel and asphalt. Often, for large projects, it is desirable to establish an on-site laboratory so that quality control (QC) testing can more readily be coordinated with construction surveillance.

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